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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann                   "[1742
the nothingness of the last, and that he was for printing it, if it was only from believing that the King would not see it, unless it is printed.' Perhaps it may be printed at the conclusion; at least it will without authority—so you will see it.
I received yours of June 24, N.S., with one from Mr. Chute, this morning, and I will now go answer it and your last. You seem still to be uneasy about my letters, and their being retarded. I have not observed, lately, the same signs •of yours being opened; and for my own, I think it may very often depend upon the packet-boat and winds.
You ask me if Pulteney has lately received any new disgusts.—How can one answer for a temper so hasty, so unsettled ?—not that I know, unless that he finds, what he has been twenty years undoing, is not yet undone.
I must interrupt the thread of my answer, to tell you that I hear news came last night that the States of Holland have voted forty-seven thousand men for the assistance of the Queen], and that it was not doubted but the States-General would imitate this resolution. This seems to be the consequence of the King of Prussia's proceedings—but how can they trust him so easily ?
I am amazed that your Leghorn ministry are so wavering; they are very old style, above eleven days out of fashion, if they any longer fear the French: my only apprehension is, lest these successes should make Kichcourt more impertinent.
You have no notion how I laughed at the man that' talks nothing but Madeira2.' I told it to my Lady Pomfret, concluding it would divert her too; and forgetting that she repines when she should laugh, and reasons when she should be diverted. She asked gravely what language that was!
LETTER 85.—* The Queen of Hun- of the Marquis Acoiauoli at Plor-gary.                                                   ence, was married to one of the some
* The only daughter and heiress     name, who was born at Madeira.